Founded in 1959, from its inception, PROQUIMETAL has been characterized by constant and continuous growth. It has always adapted itself to the needs of an emerging market.

A key factor in its development has been the capacity to offer innovative and competitive solutions; always for the purpose of being leaders and satisfying a stringent demand.

The 3CV brand was created in the eighties. It covers a carefully-chosen selection of products for caring for and protecting engines and maintaining any type of vehicle. They meet the expectations of those consumers who seek the highest return from all of their purchases.

3CV is currently a brand that is continuously expanding. it constantly updates its products to adapt them to buyers’ needs and expectations and domestic and international purchasing trends.

In the past few years, in order to successfully face the challenges of the service station market, we have set our sights on the convenience store sector. Our experience and quality have enabled top-notch international companies to trust us with their distribution in these stores.

At present, we are vying for 3CV’s presence on the international markets from our sales office in Belgium with high hopes.